Wood Flooring Samples

All of our flooring is recycled material salvaged from antique buildings 100 to 200 years old. Our flooring is the highest quality available today, full of character and rich patina. No two floors are exactly alike. The flooring character includes worm holes, nail holes, weather cracks, and a range of colors. We kiln-dry our floors to 8 to 10 percent moisture content, depending on species. Every floor is solid wood milled to a uniform 3/4" thickness, sold in random lengths from 2 feet to 12 feet and random widths depending on species. Boards are available in Tongue-and-groove (T&G) or straight-edge cuts, depending on species. Our flooring is sold by the square foot (actual coverage). We can mill you matching moldings and stair treads to go along with your floors. Our precision millwork can also be milled to your specifications.

Antique American Chestnut Wide Plank

Tongue & Groove or Straight-edge, 6"-12" widths 
Our most popular floor with full character and patina. Worm holes, nail holes, and medium to dark color.

Hand Worked Antique Oak 


Our unique hand worked oak flooring is one of a kind. Available in Tongue & Groove or Straight-edge 6"-12" widths with full character and patina. This is becoming one of our most popular floors. 

Antique Oak Wide Plank

Tongue & Groove or Straight-edge, 6"-12" widths 
Full character and patina. Our hardest floor, great for heavy wear. Characteristic flake patterns throughout.

Antique Eastern White Pine Wide Plank

Tongue & Groove or Straight-edge, 6"-12" widths
"Pumpkin Pine" with a warm honey patina. Softer than oak or chestnut, but still a very popular floor. Full character.

Antique Hemlock Wide Plank

Tongue & Groove or Straight-edge, 6"-12" widths 
Similar to the Pumpkin Pine, but a more noticeable grain pattern. Full character.

Antique Heart Pine

Tongue & Groove, 3"-10" widths 
Heart pine is a beautiful tight grained wood. Although classified as a "softwood" it is extremly hard and durable. Heart pine is cut from antique timbers.