Chestnut Woodworking-Antique Wide Plank Floor
Antique Wood Flooring


Chestnut Woodworking offers superior antique flooring and beyond recycled from barns 100 to 200 years old. Our wood products are about quality – we don't mass-produce our lumber.

We use only the best antique,  reclaimed chestnut,  oak,  pumpkin pine,  heart pine,  hemlock and other antique woods. Wide board plank flooring is our specialty.

We take great pride in our high standards of excellence.  Each board has been individually hand-picked. Our boards are hand worked and hand crafted.  See More............

Antique Barn Siding
Chestnut Woodworking in Sagaponack, NY
Antique Wood Samples from recycled wood
Chestnut Woodworking Barn Conversion in Rye, NY